The world of Scuba diving is the ultimate high adventure.

Learning to Scuba dive is a life changing experience and a challenge every scout should take. The popularity of Scuba diving is growing worldwide. The Scuba Merit Badge is an opportunity for young men and women and their families to take a giant stride into the underwater realm and help realize their ultimate scouting objectives.

Much like scouting, the overall philosophy of SCUBA encourages the quest and challenge for adventure, knowledge development, and personal growth. The first breath underwater, the feeling of zero gravity, and the discovery of marine life will transform anyone’s life. Thousands of scouts have delved into the adventure of Scuba diving.

Blackbeard’s Cruises offers scout’s an unforgettable high adventure trip of a lifetime! Scouts will have the opportunity to engage in the high adventures of sailing, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, and discovering the beautiful out islands of the Bahamas.

Are you and your troop ready to take the plunge?

If high adventure is what you are seeking,
then look no further, this is the ideal trip for your troop

The Bahamas have a beautiful and pristine coral reef system that attracts scuba divers and snorkelers alike. Blackbeard’s has been conducting week long liveaboard scuba trips to the best dive sites the Bahamas have to offer for 36 years.

Our vessels are 65′ long with plenty of room to stretch and there is sufficient storage space for everyone’s gear. We have 18 bunks on board in three dormitory style cabins. Scouts will have an action packed week full of adventure and activities on a weeklong cruise aboard our liveaboard scuba sailboats. Scouts and leaders will have the chance to construct and carry out an
invigorating high adventure trip.

Blackbeard’s has the perfect arrangements and the perfect set up to provide a unique and enjoyable high adventure experience.

  • Scouts Getting Ready to Jump In
  • Scouts On Board Blackbeard

Blackbeard’s is equipped with everything necessary
to provide a memorable high quality adventure

Blackbeard’s Cruises and the Boy Scouts have a long tradition. Our original vessel the Sea Explorer, was built for the new Boy Scout High Adventure Base in Miami. For 5 years the Sea Explorer took boy scouts from Florida to the Bahamas. Articles about our operation were published in Boys Life and Scouting including a picture of the Sea Explorer on the cover of Scouting Magazine. We mutually agreed to end the partnership because the Base was having trouble getting enough large groups to book the Sea Explorer (how times have changed) and there weren’t any facilities near their base that could accommodate a vessel the size of the Sea Explorer. In recent years as scout interest in scuba diving & snorkeling has taken off, we have had a large number of Boy Scout troops book our vessels including one troop that booked one of our vessels 3 years in a row. The Sea Explorer is now dedicated to operating high adventure scout liveaboard scuba diving trips during the summer as well as winter and spring breaks.

The Bahamas have a beautiful and pristine coral reef system that attracts scuba divers and snorkelers alike.


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